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Pamper your textiles

You have developed Maxima, an exclusive treatment combining softness and efficiency to restore brightness and freshness to your exceptional wardrobe pieces.

Advantages MAXIMA

Delicate gold fibers with ornaments deserve the best care!

No longer interested in your most precious wardrobe pieces to us. Pamper them!

Complementary to the washing and cleaning of your items, Maxima acts as a nourishing care and restores brightness, beauty and softness to the most fragile pieces of your wardrobe.

You have 5 experts in the field of innovative and soft products for your textiles. Phosphate-free guaranteed, Maxima protects your textiles and your skin, while preserving the environment and guaranteeing optimal results on all fibers.

5àsec advices

For all your favourite items and particularly the most delicate ones: lace, textile with inlay, beads or glitter...